Contemplating a more natural way of whole horse health? There is a much better alternative to steroid injections. MediVet ACS (Autologous Conditioned Serum) draws on the horses’ own systemic ability to combat pain, micro injuries and inflammation before it becomes problematic.

Two top trainers have found success integrating MediVet ACS into their weekly health management programs. Boyd Martin uses MediVet ACS with his top FEI level competitors, while Marcia Kulak utilizes the serum to address a variety of issues in horses that compete in eventing, dressage and the hunters. Let’s dig deeper into why they choose to put MediVet ACS to work in their barns.

Before putting his horses on MediVet ACS, Boyd Martin took the time to get feedback from other riders who were using the serum, and then consulted his vet, Dr. Keven Keane. He put his top horses on the product in early 2019 with the plan to support their soundness and improve their endurance.

“In 2018 we began talks with Medivet Equine regarding their regenerative product, MediVet ACS, and my curiosity was piqued by the non-steroid option to managing inflammation. Leading up to the 2019 Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event, both Tsetserleg and Long Island T responded very well to the serum, and I was highly impressed with the improvement in their soundness, endurance, condition and overall fitness.” – Boyd Martin

Aboard, Christine Turner’s Tsetserleg had a stellar year, finishing second at the Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day event and earning the National Championship title. This pair went on to represent the US team in Lima Peru, earning double gold and securing the 2020 Olympic qualifier. With their eyes firmly set on being selected for the US Olympic team, MediVet ACS has become an integral part of his top horses’ maintenance and wellness schedule.

“Looking towards the 2020 season, we will be putting 2 more of our top horses on MediVet ACS as we’ve had such positive results.” – Boyd Martin

Marcia Kulak has had similar success with MediVet ACS, but has taken a different application of the product with various horses in her barn. Marcia has operated a highly successful boutique training business for the past 30 years, migrating between Saratoga Springs, New York and Wellington, Florida. Marcia’s clientele is very diverse. While in New York for the majority of the year, she competes at USEA events throughout the East Coast and New England. What sets her apart is that several of her clients also compete in the hunters and jumpers, traveling with them to Wellington to show on the A circuit at the Winter Equestrian Festival.

While in Wellington, her clients also sharpen their skills in both the dressage and show jumping arenas. Marcia has found her niche operating her business in Wellington. With her deep connections in the eventing industry, she has become skilled at placing event horses from other top trainers into second careers in the hunter and jumper rings. With such a diverse group of clients and horses, there are varying maintenance needs.

Marcia currently has 3 horses in her barn that utilize the MediVet ACS serum. Gloria Callen (who also owned Welcome Shadow for Boyd), has her own Gran Torino eventing during the prime season in New England, but also compete in Wellington in the show jumpers. That particular horse has found success using MediVet ACS for overall management of his health and to combat normal inflammation.

Marcia has also put an older dressage schoolmaster on MediVet ACS, in order to keep him comfortable and sound in his job as a teacher and lesson horse. The third horse utilizing the serum has been plagued by eye inflammation for years, and through the guidance of Dr. Carol Vischer, has responded remarkable to the treatment.

“MediVet ACS provides horse owners and veterinarians with a highly effective, biological treatment to help maintain all levels of sport horses without the use of corticosteroids or NSAIDS!

As a multi discipline trainer and competitor I look for cutting edge products that can improve the long-term soundness and competitive success of my horses, without compromising their health and welfare. MediVet ACS provides exceptional results in the overall soundness and performance of our horses!” – Marcia Kulak

The staff at MediVet Equine is appreciative to both of these world class clients for taking the time to educate themselves on the variety of treatment uses with MediVet ACS. By educating themselves and consulting with their veterinarians, both Boyd and Marcia were able to harness peak levels of performance in their horses.

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