JJ Tate leverages ACS to support her high-performance partners, Fabrege and Summersby. We’re proud to support our friends and their horses at Team Tate Dressage!


A year ago, Martha Redman, of Redman Show Horses, was concerned about Kilimanjaro’s future jumping career, as he struggled with inflammatory airway disease. Today, he’s back competing successfully in the 1.30m jumpers thanks to MediVet ACS! Watch to hear Martha’s feedback on the product.


“I have three horses that currently use MediVet ACS. For Indigo, MediVet ACS has seemed to turn back the clock – he feels physically as good as he has ever felt! Even though he is 19-years-young, he feels like an 8-year-old and comes out with a spring in his step. Many areas where his arthritis was bothering him, such as his neck and back, have seemed to be much more comfortable since starting on MediVet ACS!”


“I had several horses that had unique challenges. One horse struggled with hoof growth and sore feet. After just six weeks using MediVet ACS, my horse’s hoof grew three-quarters of an inch! In the three years that I have owned him that had never happened previously. Another horse that had a chronic suspensory issue went from tack walking to soundly showing in the 3’9″ division of the Children’s Jumpers, after only three weeks on this product. Unfortunately, another horse of ours had an accident and hurt his neck. We immediately began treating him with MediVet ACS and miraculously there was no unsoundness. He went from being restricted in his movement, due to soreness, to moving freely in no time. Above and beyond those instances, my horses’ coats shine, and their legs are tight and I really believe that ACS is making them more healthy from the inside out!”


“About a year ago we began talks with Medivet Equine regarding their regenerative product, MediVet ACS, and my curiosity was piqued. After a member of my team treated her 17 year old horse with the serum for six months, with excellent results, we decided to put two of my top competitors on the protocol. Leading up to Kentucky, both Tsetserleg and Long Island T were on the serum, and I was highly impressed with the improvement in their soundness, endurance, condition and overall fitness. We are now putting two more top horses on MediVet ACS leading into the summer season and we are positive we’ll have an equally impressive result!”

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