The horse: Amateur eventer and hunter/jumper competitor Lisa Thomas has had her 17-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Rhythm, since he was a two-year-old.

In their 15 years together thus far, Thomas and Rhythm have done everything from the 3’3” Amateur-Owner Hunters, to hunter trials and paper chases, to training level eventing, to fox hunting with Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds.

Pictured: Lisa Thomas and Rhythm on their way to winning the working fox hunter division at the Cheshire Hunter Trials! 

The problem: “He’s an amazing horse but has not been without maintenance issues,” explained Thomas. “As a four-year-old, he was diagnosed by the New Bolton Center with bad kissing spines. After a year of treatment, he became sound.

“He’s always been arthritic and has known arthritis in his neck, which makes dressage a challenge, and jumping the really big fences not so realistic at his age. He also had a front suspensory injury from eventing three years ago.”

“With that being said, I still want a couple more productive years out of him! His most chronic issue is his right hind, which then transfers to his left front and makes for a hardleft lead canter. It’s very uncomfortable for me as I have a bad back with ruptured discs. My vet is Dr. Celia Goodall, and we did do a quick lameness exam, confirming his bad right hind with a flexion test before starting MediVet ACS.

“I would just like to be able to do some hunter derbies, hunter trials, and lower level eventing at this point.”

The MediVet ACS difference: Rhythm was started on the MediVet ACS through intravenous injections in early August 2018, and, as of late September 2018, Thomas is already noticing an incredible difference in the 17-year-old gelding.

“Since starting the ACS, I have noticed remarkable results with his overall well-being,” said Thomas. “He feels much sounder, and his left lead canter has improved by 50 percent. I can comfortably sit the canter for longer periods of time since using the ACS. Most of the time I had to get in two-point due to my back!

“I’ve also noticed that his wind has really improved. We have HUGE hills here in Unionville, PA, and his ability to push from behind, and his wind after galloping a hill is so much better.

“I am very impressed! Rhythm is feeling like a new man! His stamina and soundness have greatly improved, and yesterday I took him for a big gallop. He felt fabulous!  I was surprised about the improvement in his breathing too.”

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