Nicholasville, KY – August 20, 2019 – MediVet Equine would like to congratulate preferred partner Victoria Colvin for her historic win in this year’s USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship aboard El Primero, owned by Meralex Farm, Inc. For an unprecedented three years in a row and on three different horses, Colvin made history in Lexington, Kentucky as she topped the competitive field with nearly a 25-point lead. MediVet Equine is proud to support Colvin and her string of incredible competition horses throughout their journey to the winner’s circle.

At only 21 years old, Colvin has made a name for herself as an unstoppable force in the hunter arena. She returned to the Rolex Stadium after already earning the championship two years in a row. In 2017, Colvin earned the title aboard Cuba, owned by John and Stephanie Ingram, and clinched the title in 2018 riding Private Practice, owned by Brad Wolf. Following the first day of competition, Colvin took the early lead with her new mount, El Primero, with an overall score of 284 points.

During the handy round of competition, the pair earned an overall total of 319 points for their near-flawless course, tackling all high option fences and receiving 26 handy bonus points. Colvin and El Primero ultimately claimed the championship title with an impressive cumulative score of 603. Colvin also earned eighth place riding her 2018 champion mount, Private Practice.

In order to maintain the care of her accomplished string of competition horses, Colvin relies on MediVet ACS (Autologous Conditioned Serum), a patented, regenerative therapy that supports her horses during training and aids in recovery. MediVet ACS is the only systemic approach to inflammation management and whole horse wellness. This innovative maintenance treatment is designed to optimize the performance horse’s overall health, while effectively fighting lameness, reducing recovery time after exercise, and providing a natural, more comprehensive approach to terminating the inflammatory response and managing pain.

Michael Kegley, Director of Sales for MediVet Equine said, “It was a pleasure to watch Tori [Colvin] compete at Derby Finals, and we would like to extend our congratulations. We’re extremely proud that MediVet ACS is a key component of Tori’s program.”Much like Colvin’s performance in the competitive hunter arena, MediVet ACS offers an unrivaled ability to support high-performance horses. When given regularly, MediVet ACS allows a horse to train, perform, and feel comfortable without the use of steroids or invasive procedures. MediVet ACS is has quickly become many riders’ top choice for the treatment of general inflammation, pain, joint and soft injuries, and whole horse wellness, including Margie Engle, Boyd Martin, JJ Tate, Marcia Kulak, Sherry Cervi, and Dena Kirkpatrick.

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