Nicholasville, KY. – June 27, 2019 – With over 30 years of experience competing on the international stage, Marcia Kulak is no stranger to managing high performance equine athletes. Currently based out of both Wellington, Florida and Saratoga Springs, New York, Kulak has competed successfully in events that include (the now) Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, Burghley, Blenheim, Boekelo, and Fair Hill. To keep her string of competition horses healthy and strong, Kulak relies on the regenerative healing powers of MediVet Equine‘s revolutionary product, MediVet ACS (Autologous Conditioned Serum).

“The first horse that I had experience using MediVet ACS with was a large bodied Warmblood that was a very good athlete. However, he had multiple physical issues that weren’t improving at a rate that I was pleased with, said Kulak. “MediVet ACS offered a systemic treatment option that worked to minimize the inflammatory response going on within his body, and it actually helped the horse move and feel better.”

Compared to other autologous therapies, which only target specific areas or joints, MediVet ACS is unique in its ability to be administered systemically for the benefit of the whole horse, while also providing support during strenuous training, and aiding in recovery. Kulak was introduced to MediVet ACS in the early part of 2019, and she has consistently included it in the routine care of her horses ever since.
Kulak continued, “I think when you have a horse start to carry himself better, in a better posture, he physically starts to look and feel better. There is no question that this horse started to take on a better shape, a better blend in his muscle tone. As you improve their comfort level, then as a rider you can improve their posture too, so the horse really changes.”

The innovative maintenance treatment plan for MediVet ACS is designed to optimize your horse’s overall health and performance, while effectively fighting lameness, reducing recovery time after exercise and providing a natural, more comprehensive approach to terminating the inflammatory response and managing pain. The serum is created using the horse’s own blood and offers an unrivaled regenerative ability. When given regularly, MediVet ACS allows a horse to train, perform and feel comfortable without the use of steroids or invasive procedures.
“Instead of resorting to steroids or routine joint injections, I feel really good about being able to help a horse help itself with MediVet ACS,” Kulak said. “To see improvement and have a horse respond to treatment, as this horse did, is not only remarkable but it goes to show that the technology and the direction we are going with the management of our horses is far superior to traditional medications.”

MediVet ACS is quickly becoming the top choice for many riders for the treatment of general inflammation, pain, joint and soft tissue injuries, and whole horse wellness. Kulak added, “There were definitely visible changes that are probably attributed to the fact that, as the horse got more comfortable, his posture improved and hence his condition improved!”

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