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1. Stiffness and uneven, shortened strides can be symptoms of arthritis – the painful inflammation of the joints. MediVet ACS is designed to help treat arthritis by blocking and terminating inflammation no matter where in the horse’s body it occurs.

2. Your performance horse is likely to experience some level of inflammation after intensive exercise. The ability to be given intravenously allows MediVet ACS to travel wherever your horse needs it most, reducing inflammation and recovery time throughout the horse’s body.

3. Swelling, heat, and tenderness of the joints could mean another kind of inflammation: synovitis. Synovitis is the inflammation of the synovial membrane, the membrane that lines joints including the hock, the knee, and the fetlock and coffin joints. MediVet ACS can be injected directly into these joints for targeted inflammation relief!

4. Lameness with bending of the fetlock joint could indicate a specific synovitis: chronic proliferative synovitis. This synovitis occurs at the fetlock joint and is often thought to be caused by the repeated trauma that comes from intensive exercise, with racing Thoroughbreds often most susceptible to the issue. MediVet ACS can reduce the inflammation caused by chronic proliferative synovitis, helping to eliminate the risk of further issues and keeping the horse sound and active.

5. Joints are not the only part of the horse that can become inflamed! The list of other inflammatory diseases is lengthy, and it includes inflammatory airway disease. Click here to learn how MediVet ACS helped one horse recover!