Bringing state of the art science and principled stewardship to performance horses, their owners, and the equine industry. Following the medical model of “do no harm”, MediVet Equine develops scientifically based biological therapeutics enabling the horse to call on its own healing ability, thus achieving its full performance potential.


MediVet Equine provides effective, all natural, drug free products and lab services designed to optimize the overall health of performance horses. We specialize in regenerative treatments that help the body heal itself and get stronger naturally. Our products are designed to activate naturally occurring stem cells and growth factors within the horses to encourage growth. None of our products swab, or contain chemicals.

We are the original developers of ACS (Autologous Conditioned Serum), SGF 1000 RMR, TB-1000, and Clear Scope.

Our products are safe and suitable for all performance horses.

MediVet’s technologies were developed and validated in conjunction with some of the world’s leading equine research groups. In 2006, MediVet’s research and development began in Australia with The University of Sydney. The technology was then co-developed in North America with the University of Kentucky in 2009. Over three years of R&D were conducted before commercializing the products and introducing them to the Veterinary community in 2010. MediVet Equine’s facilities are state of the art, and conform to all Good Tissue Practice (GTP) Standards. We are headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky where we share office and lab space with our sister company. MediVet Biologics, the world’s largest animal stem cell company. Today we are continuing research and development in partnership with the University of Kentucky, MediVet Biologics, and Tailor Made Compounding.

200 Moore Drive Nicholasville, KY 40365 | (844) 735-5320 | info@medivetequine.com